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Are you running on empty?

Life is full of so much busy-ness.

Responsibilities, going to work, running a family, studying, training for some kind of event, and so on.

When do we find time to replenish our own tanks, or our own buckets?

We are good at remembering, albeit it for many at the last moment to fill our cars with fuel, but how often are we filling ourselves with fuel?

Are you less important than the vehicle that takes you to so many of the responsibilities that you have? Really?

I remember how easy it was to continually. put others before myself, it was a great feeling to see the joy. on their faces when something went their way, or they got the one thing they needed or wanted, or an experience/adventure or company when they were alone.. Whatever it was, it was a privilege, but at what price? Ultimately one of those scenarios backfired in such a way that everything took a nosedive. What happened, happened in a place that should have been a safe place, but ultimately it was not. It has taken a long time to restore things that were broken after that.

How often do we put ourselves in a position of giving to others, giving our very selves?

We give

and we give

and we give…..and we feel exhausted, yet we do it all again. For what reason?

The reason can sometimes be the hardest part to face..
• Are we wanting to be accepted?
• To be seen as some kind of hero/martyr?
• Are we wanting to be the person that everyone needs?
• Do we sincerely believe that we are the ONLY ones who can meet other peoples needs?

It’s tough to come face to face with the reason why we allow ourselves to be the doormat of everyone else, and yet it’s not healthy, and deep down we often know this, yet we continue one.

Is being a generous person a good thing? Absolutely it is!


It’s OKAY, actually its more than OKAY to do it from the overflow..

When we try to do these things from the empty or emptying bucket we can find ourselves feeling flat, or sad, tired, exhausted, fatigued or even all the way to sickness as the stress that we experience (even if you don’t seem to think you are stressed, its there) takes its toll on every part of us.

Boundaries are an important aspect.. Saying NO is OK!!! In fact it is more than OK, it is THE BEST CHOICE that you can make more often than you think!

I am aware that if you have young children, there is a place of being responsible for them, however remember that even as a mother or father of kids, you need to be taking care of you. If you won’t do it for you, do it for them!

Our better selves are found in the place where we aren’t running on empty all the time.

A happy heart is found more often when it isn’t running on empty…

Remember to fill your bucket, to fill your tank.

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