Below are some of my favourite spots to visit

Anne Heffron’s site where she shares about life and adoption with true integrity, authenticity and truth. –

Michael Hyatt’s site where I learn constantly about how to develop so many areas of my life, Michaels’ generosity of knowledge and product is always beneficial (this website came about because of a MH opportunity!)

Recommended places to visit

Work Life Balance Academy – Are you looking to life a better life and you are in the Sydney area? Check this out and see what opportunities await whether you are a business person, mum, friend, wife. For those overseas Kelly-Anne also offers coaching opportunities to you too via whatsapp/skype/phone.

The Walk Your Talk Coach – LeAnne is an incredible coach in the USofA and I personally have experienced what it is like to be her client, highly recommend her, even moreso if you are a part of the adoption triad. LeAnne is real, authentic and holds the space for you while you take the journey of digging into the areas of your life that you want to change, grow and expand in.

Ashley Beaudin’s site – I have known Ash for years and her passion, bravery and courage will inspire you to be a better person. Ash is someone who gives it her all and you will be refreshed by the way she shares her own journey.