The Impenetrable Fortress (or not)

I’ve been on quite a journey the last few months and it has been incredibly revealing as to what I really think, believe and feel about myself in many situations. I’ve received some very powerful coaching that has enabled me along with one of the best support networks to work through a heap of stuff,…

2018 – Vision for the Year Ahead

Blah blah blah you might think, not another post on having a vision for the year ahead. Well I’d like to try and give you another perspective on this piece. Well if you want to be completely blessed, (like a saintly person is) give yourself the opportunity to think about what you want to see….

Be You! Sparkle & Shine

How often do we put our dreams and desires on hold for other people? It seems that for many of us we have done that in the past and for many we still do it. I have been in conversations lately with multiple people who like me are beginning realise that that is how we…

What Really Matters to you?

Today’s Daily Prompt made me smile.. “Zoo”.. and my first thought was how sometimes people say that life can be a zoo. What does that even mean for you? For me, life being a zoo means it can be crazy and tumultuous and unstable but probably a tad fun and frustrating at the same time….