2018 – Vision for the Year Ahead

Blah blah blah you might think, not another post on having a vision for the year ahead. Well I’d like to try and give you another perspective on this piece. Well if you want to be completely blessed, (like a saintly person is) give yourself the opportunity to think about what you want to see.

I remember a number of years ago writing down a list of things into a journal at the beginning of the year. Guess what? Just over 12 months later I came across that page and almost cried, what I had written down was almost all completed, yes in 12 months. Some things included expensive overseas holidays (that I didn’t think would ever happen and yet I dreamed), other things were practical things that I wanted to do, but because I have such a huge propensity towards PROCRASTINATION (you hear me?!) I didn’t think I’d do those either.

So why have a vision, or a dream or something? BECAUSE when you know what you want, you are more likely to get there. Earlier today I was thinking that I am due to start dreaming about 2018, what do I want to see happen in 2018 in my life? I plan to sit and write and draw and doodle and just let myself go into that creative space and let it flow and see what comes of it. Possibilities are possibilities when we allow ourselves to have them.

I’ve spent years sabotaging myself in the area of things that I want to do and I can bet many of you have done the same thing? Guess what I say to that… STOP IT! You are worth it to get out there and do new things, to complete things.

So what is your vision? Don’t worry if nothing comes to mind straight away, I totally get that for many of us we have stopped dreaming, we have stopped allowing ourselves to dream and it can be a new thing to do again, so ask yourself what do you love, what have you always wanted to do, and start there!

If you are a creative person with tactile things then go look at making your own vision board with cut outs and pictures and drawings, if you are more digitally minded there are vision board apps that you can use, I have been using the Hay House one that can be found on the App Store, check it out. Let’s get dreaming and then planning what is possible for 2018!

Below is what the vision board app looks like.



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