Be You! Sparkle & Shine

How often do we put our dreams and desires on hold for other people?

It seems that for many of us we have done that in the past and for many we still do it. I have been in conversations lately with multiple people who like me are beginning realise that that is how we have lived.

Married people, parents, singles, people from all ages and all walks of life are coming into a realisation that they have put their lives, their very dreams on hold for others.

Have you done that? You aren’t alone. BUT the best part is you can choose to dream again, you can choose to be responsible for your own life and not the lives of other people. What are you dreaming about? In the last week I allowed myself to begin dreaming again, and writing was a part of that, so here I am, writing again.

This post is simple, to encourage you to SPARKLE and SHINE and BE FULLY YOU! Don’t settle for anything less and don’t settle for living someone elses dream, the world needs you, and the world will be inspired, encouraged and changed by you doing your dreams.

via Daily Prompt: Sparkle

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