What Really Matters to you?

Today’s Daily Prompt made me smile.. “Zoo”.. and my first thought was how sometimes people say that life can be a zoo. What does that even mean for you?

For me, life being a zoo means it can be crazy and tumultuous and unstable but probably a tad fun and frustrating at the same time.

So how do we change that? Well I for one am absolutely no expert!! BUT right before I read today’s prompt I was reading the book SLOW by Brooke McAlary. Her action at the very beginning of the book to write a one-sentence eulogy gained my attention and was powerful in helping her identify what is most important in her life. Challenge accepted I thought.

I appreciated her honesty that she ended up with four sentences, but what I appreciated the most is the result she received at the end of writing her one sentence eulogy. What really mattered wasn’t the things that we can all focus on waaaaay too much, like our weight, our hair, our eyebrows, how much money we have, how many Facebook friends, Instagram followers (or in this case Blog readers!) we have, or if we are accepted amongst the cool people in our world.

So the question is why do we spend so much time worrying about those things (the zoo) in our lives and instead get on with investing into what really matters to us?

In my case I agree with Brooke in that friends and family, being honest, spontaneous, creative, laughing and being generous are right up there.

What are your key priorities in life? Can you see how they will help you not live life in a crazy zoo? 😉

via Daily Prompt: Zoo

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