Snippets – The Power of Words in Small Quantities

I love a good meme, a good meme/quote image is a snippet of information that can speak directly to the reader without displaying numerous paragraphs of text. So much can be portrayed in that snippet of information that doesn’t need to be expanded upon.The power of social media, especially a meme or a twitter comment can be a snippet that can bring encouragement or a blow to someone else or even become a movement!

As I looked at todays daily prompt of “snippet” I thought I’d spend a little time looking up some of my favourite memes!

Authors like Brene Brown, Michael Hyatt and Anne Heffron have all spoken volumes to me in my journey to become a better me. Thanks to Brene Brown the Theodore Roosevelt quote has also become something that is in my mind. To Dare Greatly is powerful. The other one that talks about loving yourself I have on my whiteboard and is a constant reminder that I am worthy of taking care of. Doesn’t mean I always do the best at it! BUT like me, you are also worth taking care of!

So I’d encourage you reader to find some quotes that speak to you, whether its for this season or its for your lifetime and where possible put them where you can meditate or ruminate on them and get them into your soul, into your spirit, into your mind, let them grow and let them be a part of you!

You are worth it!

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5 thoughts on “Snippets – The Power of Words in Small Quantities

    1. Absolutely!!! Whether HILARIOUS or inspiring! Or both!! Maybe someone could create an app that would allow me to have a library of them.. Wonder if there already is… Cataloguing favourite ones.. #foodforthought

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